Khyber Milk Is Off The Shelves, First Time



Khyber Milk

Khyber Milk, the premier packaged milk products is off the market for the first time. The government has ordered freeze on the manufacture and sale of products by Khyber Agro Farms Private Limited on basis of a court direction early this week.

Judicial Magistrate Budgam on Monday directed the government to close the production and sale of the products by the company till its products are declared safe.

Notably, the court was disposing off a 2013 case that was based on a test report suggesting the milk products were unfit for human consumption. The court imposed a penalty of Rs 9 lakh on the manufacturer for producing products unfit for health.

On basis of the court direction, the Health and Medical Education directed Drug and Food Control Organization to comply with the court order.

Complying with the court order, the Drug and Food Control Organization collected 29 samples of Khyber’s milk products which are being sent for testing to a Kolkata laboratory, the same laboratory that in 2013 termed the particular brand as “sub-standard, un-safe and mis-branded”.

Till the results of the fresh tests do not declare the products safe, the manufacturer would cease its production.


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