A Yoga camp was organized on “International Yoga Day” at Central Jail Jammu Kotbalwal   for the staff and jail inmates.

VP  Kotwal, Yoga  Expert,  Lalit  Gupta  and   Jayshree  Kotwal  members  of  “Art  of  Living”,  while  explaining  about  the  Yogic  Asnas  for  lifestyle  diseases  said  that  only  Yoga  can  make  our  life  easy  and  disease  free. “Jail Inmates and Jail Staff practiced  Yoga  in  this  Programme,” an official statement said Sunday evening.

Kotwal stressed  upon  the participants to  practice  Yoga  for  mental  health  which  is  very  important in modern life style. Surya Namaskar, Pranayam and Anulom-Vilom Pranayam were practiced during the session.

SG Superintendent Jail, Dinesh Sharma spoke on the  importance  of  performing  Yoga  and  made the participants  aware  about  the  benefits  of  Yoga  to reduce  tension, stress  and  improving  one’s  stamina/fitness, the statement said.

The other officers who attended the Programme include Medical Officer, Para Medical Staff, Ministerial Staff, Jail Executive staff and Jail inmates. Every one appreciated the efforts of Prisons Directorate for initiating such programmes, the statement added.


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