KPC Urges Media Persons To Strictly Follow SOP’s For Safety During Pandemic


SRINAGAR: With Covid-19 causing devastating losses in Kashmir, media has an extraordinary responsibility to keep public informed. In the process, journalists are playing crucial role by risking their lives as chances of getting infected with the corona virus are very high during travel or while gathering news. A lot of journalists have already lost their lives to this deadly virus. Also, psychological impact of reporting the pandemic is quite higher. At the Kashmir Press Club we would urge our members and the fraternity in general to take utmost care while doing their jobs at the frontline. Please follow the SOP’s laid down for safety in this pandemic very strictly. We would also urge the media establishments to pay more attention towards the well being of the working journalists in this crisis. Wherever possible work-from-home models should be encouraged.

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Amid the pandemic, Kashmir Press Club is also concerned at some unknown social media users entering hospitals with mics masquerading as journalists. The recent incident of a social media user barging into a Covid hospital with least regard towards SOPS is one such example, highlighting the menace. Since social media is a powerful platform to reach to people, and anyone is free to use it for journalistic work as well however a trained journalist would never obstruct the functioning of medical staff. Unfortunately many such elements have cropped up who indulge in such activities with utter disregard towards professionalism. Such elements by these actions bring a bad name to the profession and also make the job of a genuine journalist difficult. These activities should be desisted from. Before practicing journalism we would urge youngsters to seek proper training on journalistic guidelines and media ethics.


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