by Iqra Akhoon


Kashmir University’s Iqbal Institute of Culture and Philosophy (IICP) in collaboration with the department of EMMRC on Saturday organized a day-long seminar to pay tributes to Dr Mohammad Allama Iqbal (RA), the Poet of the East, on his death anniversary.

KU celebrates Dr sir Mohammad Iqbal day, KL file image

The day-long seminar themed as 21st century and Iqbal’s point of view over ‘Shariah’ was attended by the students from various departments of the varsity.

The chief guest of the day was an eminent scholar and researcher Professor Dr Altaf Hussain Ahanger. Dr Ahanger in his inaugural speech started with the few couplets written by Dr Iqbal and presented his research paper and analysis of the poetry of  Dr Iqbal.

“The world is practising westernised culture while Iqbal has given a full description of how the sun sets in the west,” Dr Ahanger said, adding that Muslim countries following western laws have forgotten the Shariah.

The seminar was also addressed by the Islamic scholar Dr Syed ur Rehman Shams highlighting the various aspects of Iqbal’s viewpoint over the shariah ( Islamic- laws).

“The deep understanding of Iqbal’s poetry can lead us to the way that is still unreached by the west, Dr Shams in his address said.

The seminar was concluded with the thankful note to all the guests by the department of Urdu, Iqbal studies of culture and philosophy, and EMMRC.

Pertinent to mention, Dr Mohammad Iqbal, Pakistan’s national poet, philosopher, and politician, has played a key role in the Pakistan Movement alongside Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Iqbal was born on 9 November 1877 in Sialkot, within the Punjab Province of British India (now in Pakistan). He died on 21 April 1938 in Lahore, Punjab, British India. Pakistan government has officially declared him the national poet.


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