KU Publishes Names Of Poor Students On Website,Registrar Admits Mistake

KL Report


The Law Department of Kashmir University has made fun of scores of male and female students living below poverty Line. The Law Department  without providing any sort of financial assistance to these students has published their names of their official website.

Scores of students living below poverty line told CNS that the Law Department has defamed them and has made fun of their poverty. “We have not received any financial assistance from the Law Department but surprisingly they have come up with our names not thinking about the repercussions,” a delegation of students said adding that University has played with their sentiments.

“If you visit the website of Kashmir University you will find their how Law Department in its notification has claimed that it has given financial assistance to 60 male and female students who live under below poverty line. The fact is that we have not received a penny yet,” a female student told CNS adding that she was mentally disturbed after coming to know that her name has appeared on the website.

According to CNS, the Law Department has published the names of 60 students living below poverty line on March 3 last month and since then it has not bothered to remove these names.

Registrar Kashmir University, Dr Zafar Ahmed Reshi admitted that it was a blunder on part of the University and assured that Law Department would remove the list without any delay. “This financial assistance is provided by the government and the Law Department might have published the names of the students with an intention to provide information to the government,” Reshi said adding that it is a mistake and would be rectified.

All attempts to contact HoD Law, Professor Muhammad Ayoub did not materialize as he did not pick up the phone.


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