Kulgam killings have exposed claims of restrain: Er Rasheed


Condemning killing of civilians including a 16-year girl in Hawoora area of Redwani at the hands of Army, AIP President Er Rasheed has said that the killings have exposed the intentions of security forces and that of Governor Administration.

In a statement, Er Rasheed appealed Delhi to introspect and revisit its aggressive policies and realize that all the policies of controlling Kashmiris with the barrel of a gun have miserably failed during past thirty years.

He said: “Unless Delhi doesn’t fulfill its responsibilities towards Kashmir dispute, the situation will continue to be as it is and we will go on losing precious human lives. “

He asked army authorities not to justify the killings and said that black sheep in the army doesn’t allow any opportunity to Kashmiris as they get praises from radical elements and a large section of biased ultranationalist media”.

He added that Kashmiris have been left with no option but to continue their efforts seeking the right to self-determination.

Er Rasheed added that while the army and other security agencies have been given free hand the mainstream political parties have mostly preferred to confine their role to finding space in changing political scenarios from time to time.

He said: “The apologetic attitude of mainstream politicians has encouraged all those elements to whom human lives don’t matter. Let the mainstream parties show some shame and take a stand overuse  of disproportionate force being used against those unarmed civilians, who have voted MLA’s to at least speak about their fundamental rights especially right to live with honor and dignity.”

Er Rasheed appealed army chief to punish those who blood bathed Hawoora and said that it is high time for top army high brasses to introspect and find answers why do their top claims of showing restraint fall flat after every assurance.


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