KUTA condemns assault on AMU students


Kashmir University Teachers Association (KUTA) has strongly condemned the recent incident of violence and brutal assault of Hindu Yuva Vahini activists upon the students of Aligarh Muslim University followed by cane-charging of student union leaders by U.P. police.

The KUTA spokesman in a statement said there was no justification of police action against those were peacefully protesting against vandalization and manhandling by Yuva Vahini leaders who in turn had forced their entry into the AMU campus and raised objectionable and intimidating slogans inside the campus.

A spokesman of KUTA has expressed solidarity with the students and teachers of Aligarh Muslim University and has demanded immediate arrest of the hooligans followed by strict legal action for vitiating peaceful atmosphere within the campus.

KUTA has also condemned the actions of a Rajya Sabha member of the ruling political party who had shared a controversial article titled, “Somebody needs to teach AMU a lesson. Who will do it?” on his official Twitter page that reportedly led to incitement of violence against students of AMU.

KUTA calls for all necessary measures to prevent such attacks on minority institutions in future and also demands an immediate cessation of undue interference of few rogue politicians in the functioning of higher education institutions.

As per spokesman of KUTA, most worrying part of the whole episode is the active connivance and safety cover provided by the U.P. police and administration to the hoodlums of Hindu Yuva Vahini.

KUTA registers its protest and condemnation against all such hooliganism and lawless activities of the saffron brigade.


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