KUTA condemns assault on Kashmiris outside valley


Kashmir University Teachers Association (KUTA) has strongly condemned the continuing incidents of physical assault upon Kashmiri students, visitors, employees and businessmen outside Kashmir post-Lethpora blast and has called upon the government of J&K state to ensure safety and security of Kashmiris both within and outside the J&K state under all circumstances.

A spokesman of the Association has termed such incidents as highly deplorable and senseless and demanded all necessary measures by the concerned authorities required to secure the life and property of Kashmiris throughout the country.

While condemning all acts of escalated violence targeted specifically against a particular religious community KUTA has vehemently denounced heightened perception of threat and insecurity among its members as a result of unprovoked and uncontrolled acts of loot, arson, physical assault and damage to their properties by certain fringe elements doing so under the clout and patronage of a particular political ideology.

KUTA spokesman has expressed grave concern over the direction in which whole country is going irreversibly damaging its age-old ethos, composite culture and social fabric and driving wedges among different religious sects and communities.

KUTA has called for peace, amity, brotherhood and harmony among all sects amid trying and testing circumstances prevailing at present and has pinned its hopes upon the present state government to restore normalcy as immediately as possible at Jammu.

“It has also called upon all sections of the society particularly national electronic media to act responsibly and stop whipping up passions, inciting violence and war-mongering from their cozy studios,” he said.

“No civilian killings, arresting of innocents and harassment of commoners should be allowed under the garb of revenge and retribution frenzy. Concrete steps are solicited from the state government to rebuild confidence among all students pursuing studies outside Kashmir,” said KUTA spokesman in a statement.


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