Landslides in Shamsbari hills in Karnah in Kupwara district have created panic and threat among the residents who are living along the hills.

Adil Syed of Karnah told KNS that several villages including Gomul, Sulaiman, Bagbela, Jabdi, Tanghdar, Badwan which lie along the Shamsbari hills are living in panic from the last few days because of the threat posed by the rocks that forcefully roll down the hills during landslides.

Syed that the 18000-feet high mountain developed cracks due the earthquake in October and now landslides occur regularly in the hill.

“The landslides have forced the residents of these villages to flee their houses as they fear it would turn into a natural disaster,” he said.

He said that 30 families in Teetwal block live in a schools after the threat posed by landslides.

Deputy Commissioner Kupwara, Kumar Rajiv Ranjan said there is no threat to the villagers due to landslides in Shamsbari hills.

“The landslides created panic among the people form the last week but now we have blasted the hills, and hopefully there will be no more land slides,” he said.


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