Lashkar Kills Suhail: Police

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Little did Ghulan Nabi Sofi of Kundri Mohalla, Doabgah, Sopore know why his neighbors gathered around his house Tuesday night. He almost lost his control when somebody informed him about the killing of his second son, Suhail. “It was a serious jolt for Ghulam Nabi,” a local said to Kashmir Life.

“Suhail was having dinner when a phone call drove him out, then we saw his dead body,” informed his family sources.
A laborer by profession, Ghulam Nabi works from dawn to dusk to feed his family comprising two sons, daughter and wife. It was a hand to mouth life, neighbours said.

Eleventh class student, Suhail was his son who was gunned down by the unidentified gunmen in a mosque where Suhail had entered to save himself after he had seen the gunmen chasing him. Locals credit Ghulam Nabi for working hard to educate his children. His daughter, the eldest of three is pursuing B.Ed and his now-only-son, the youngest is in the eighth class.

The murder has shocked the entire belt. Hundreds of people were seen in the slain boy’s funeral. Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Wednesday sharply reacted to the killing. He took a dig at those who are selective in condemning the killings in Kashmir.

Omar wrote on Twitter, “Want to see the hypocrisy of selective outrage?. Compare reactions on my TL today to those exactly a week”.

Wailing family members and relatives of Suhail.

“??I can accept the anger directed against us for excesses by security forces but only from people willing to condemn such killings.” He said adding “??Militants chase an 18 year old boy in to a mosque & shoot him. Imagine the outrage if this had been done by security forces”.

“Preliminary investigation into the murder of Suhail reveals that militants of Lashkar-e-Toiba have killed him,” a police statement said. Giving details the statement added that Suhail was sitting with another youth Ghulam Hyder son of Ali Mohammed resident of Doabgah, in the ground near local mosque, when he was fired upon by some unknown militants. He however escaped the bullets fired by militants, and ran away towards the mosque and hid himself in the Hamam of the mosque. According to police one militant however chased him and entered the mosque and pumped five bullets into him, and killed him. Police further said that there was a religious congregation going on in the mosque at that time.

A case FIR No 48/2013 under section 302,7/27 Arms Act was registered in Police Station Sopore.


  1. Alas! If he really had links with army then atleast he Keeping his age and his position in view he should have been given atleast one chance…. Moreover killing a person in Masjid is un-Islamic…

  2. Whosoever has killed this young boy…. They are nothing but only terrorists and we all should condemn such acts and these kind of actions defame our struggle for freedom… It is really a shameful act… afsoos sad afsoos

  3. Tears are rolling down from eyes, something strange like ache is happening in my chest after hearing that a young boy with such a good looking face has been murdered by some unidentified gunmen, Atleast keeping his young age in consideration he must has been given a chance so that a young life could have been saved! Today I understand to fail this fact that why no Hurriyat leaders come forward to condemn such a brutal act, why don’t they make a call for strike or protest against this murder. Why people of Kashmir are silent on this incident!!! See Human life once lost would never be recovered at any cost, We have always condemned the brutal acts of Indian forces then why we are silent today, the actual thing is that we kashmiris are simply puppets whatever our leaders say us we keeping our eyes closed, follow it. Today is the time when we should wake-up and start the struggle for our problems in a new way…


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