Leaking Diplomacy

That it is a huge embarrassment for the State Department is an old story. The US cables leaked by the whistlebl ower website WikiLeaks, apart from being an input to the contemporary history, are being considered vital in understanding how the world’s only superpower looks at individuals, issues, incidents and areas. Kashmir, obviously, is not an exception.

Though there have been instances in which countries – mostly Western, have de-classified certain records but this cache’ of diplomatic cables is perhaps the first in history to which people across the globe are relating to. This is because they do not belong to a bygone era, they are somewhat current and people relate to the incidents they have been witness to.

But this is not something that Americans alone are doing. Every mission in every country is keeping its foreign office abreast with information that it requires. Every country has a right to have information that suits or opposes its national interest. These cables may not be the final foreign policy documents but they definitely are a source to the policy makers of respective countries to draft their outlook. They offer keyhole view of what their policy could or should be.

Leaked cables having direct reference to Kashmir bear testimony to the fact that US is keenly interested in knowing what happens in Kashmir. Whether it is an election or the earthquake, the US diplomats have been frequently flying down to Srinagar to know what is happening. When the two countries launched a trans-LoC bus service, the US mission in Delhi was excited. Apart from offering help in better security management of the path-breaking bus, it did encourage the two countries to stay together against the hawks.

In certain cases small incidents that did not merit even a follow up in the vernacular media were analyzed, perhaps because those incidents were somehow vital from the diplomats point of view. There is lot of information about individuals, instances and alliances.

Whatever they have reported in the cables may not necessarily be the gospel truth and the final word on the subject they intended to tackle. In numerous cases, the source of information to the diplomats sounds secondary. But the cables do offer a lot of material that should help Kashmirgo for self introspection.

It holds more importance for the leaders from Kashmir’s ideological divide who have been reported as a spoon fed species far away from the.

However, the most perturbing one is about the media that has been typecast as being inclined towards one side. A media that has lost more than a dozen of its members to the conflict cannot be biased. It never was and it never will be. If it thinks it is, it should stop extensively quoting from the reportage that emanates from Srinagar on day-to-day basis.

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