LeT condemns forces action in Shopian



Militant outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba has strongly condemned the ‘atrocities’ of government forces in Shopian including the intrusion into houses and set the apple garden on fire.

LeT Chief Mahmood Shah questioned Ramadan Ceasefire against such vicious acts. “It was only two days ago when the extension in ceasefire was being discussed. We knew long before that this is nothing but a drama and an effort to deceive the international community. Can anybody testify that the atrocities against innocent Kashmiris and the killing of youth after Ramadan ceasefire has stopped? Are our women and children safe? Shah questioned.

As per a statement to news agency CNS, Shah said that Mehbooba Mufti must answer that was it for such reasons that Ramadan ceasefire was being imposed so as to minimize the resistance against India’s atrocities? “But it was for such reasons that Major Gogi and the likes of him can play with the honor of women. Can Mahbooba Mufti count the numbers of Hurriyat leaders released from captivity after the ceasefire? But the numbers have otherwise increased.”

“The ceasefire was nothing but to install hurdles in the path of Kashmiri pelters and to increase the distance between the public and freedom fighters. It is because of the fact that Indian forces cannot face the indigenous freedom struggle,” Shah said.

Mahmood Shah said that those who were commending the ceasefire must open their eyes now. “India had never been honest in the solution to Kashmir Conflict. It has always sought to treacherous ways.

The case of Kashmir in United Nations, Hyderabad Decan, Junagadh, Manawadar and many others are evident to this claim,” Shah said added that India can never hide its biased and terrorist face. (CNS)


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