LET pays tribute to Bashir Lashkari, civilians


Lashkar-e-Taiba Sunday has paid tributes to Bashir Lashkari Abu Ukasha, and two civilians who were killed by forces during an encounter in Dialgam area in Islamabad district on Saturday.

Funeral of slain LeT commander Bashir Lashkari (KL Image: Shah Hilal)

In statement to CNS , LeT spokesman Dr Abdullah Ghaznawai said: “Mahmood Shah, Chief Lashkar-e-Taiba, has paid tribute to the martyrs of Dialgam including Lashkar-e-Taiba Commander Bashir Lashkari (Abu Ukasha), and Tahira. The sacrifices of our sons and daughters will not go in vain. Our struggle will continue and flourish until freedom.”

“India is an evil enemy who is putting all rounds at stake in an effort to sabotage the indegenous legitimate freedom struggle of Kashmiris, but by Allah SWT, India will bite the dust,” he said.

Mahmood Shah according to statement sought prayer for the quick recovery of those “who fell prey to Indian barbarism in Budgam.” “The Kashmiris and their support and solidarity with Mujahideen shall prove to be a pivotal role in the triumph of our freedom struggle,” he said.

“Indian officials, even now the I. G. Police, has admitted the fact that Kashmiri masses and Mujahideen Freedom Fighters are on a same mutual page, united for the mutual cause against a mutual enemy. This is the alliance which shall prove to be a key in the collapse of India,” he said.



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