Notice issued by Enforcement Directorate, unjustified & politically motivated: Geelani


Syed Ali Geelani Sunday said that authorities are exasperated and have plotted a move to tarnish his and colleague’s stature.

While terming the notice issued by Enforcement Directorate as unjustified and politically motivated, Geelani said that the move is an attempt to “pressurize and intimidate him and resistance leadership.

Syed Ali Geelani

Statement said that Enforce Directorate has served a notice to Syed Ali Geelani and others in a fifteen-year-old case. Decrying the move as politically motivated, Geelani said that it is pressure tactics aimed to deter the pro-freedom people from advocating their just cause.

According to Hurriyat, no foreign exchange was recovered from Geelani’s house in the raid of 2002 and refuting the charges leveled by agencies, said that council for Syed Ali Geelani in person has filled the rejoinder.
Hurriyat said that Geelani and other party leaders are pursuing an explicit stand viz-a-viz Kashmir issue and they want this issue to be resolved according to public expectations and wishes.

Lamenting at Delhi, Hurriyat said that they tried all their moves just to cow down his resolve and added that these state sponsored tactics won’t deter us from pursuing our mission, nor these coercions, suppressive and aggressive measures will make us to surrender, said Hurriyat.

Hurriyat while referring to raids conducted in year 2002 said that his residence and some of his relatives were raided by the Income Tax Department & it was also an attempt to scare them and impress their public reputation.
Although unproportioned hype was assigned to these raids, yet nothing incriminating was recovered & despite fifteen long years, nothing substantial was proved, said Hurriyat.

Elaborating, spokesman said no foreign currency or objectionable material was recovered from his or from the residences of his relatives.

Terming these raids a vengeful act, spokesman added it was unjustified, immoral and illogical. Even now the Indian Investigation Agency (NIA) has started a malicious campaign against Syed Ali Geelani and his colleagues, said spokesman and added that these agencies are trying to disturb and harass him on one pretext or the other.
Statement said that these agencies raided the residences of Mohammad Altaf Shah, Raja Meraj u Din and Ayaz Akbar, and added that despite nothing objectionable was seized from them and however a malicious defamation campaign has been lunched by these agencies.

On June 9th, these agencies summoned Altaf Ahmad Shah to Delhi, however during the questioning and probing, nothing was proved, said spokesman and added that all these moves will prove futile.

Spokesman said that even in future these agencies won’t be able to prove their allegation and added that it will prove of no help to these agencies and won’t deter pro-freedom people from advocating just cause related to Kashmir issue.

Kashmir is a political and human issue and it has an international status, said Huriyat and added that India is creating hurdles in its peaceful resolution thus creating impediments in restoration of peace and stability in sub-continent.

Asking Indian authorities to shun their rigid and stubborn approach and fulfil their commitment with the people Huriyat added that Kashmir was a political and humane issue and as such military might or coercive measures won’t solve this.



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