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The Kashmiri students studying at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) on Friday denied that any student had posted an ‘objectionable’ comment over Pulwama attack.

The students in a statement said that they were being targeted on frivolous grounds in the past too.

“It is a matter of serious concern that a Kashmiri student at AMU is being alleged by some new portals for tweeting an ‘objectionable’ tweet relating to the attack on CRPF in Kashmir. The student is a responsible person and is aware about his duties in the legal and constitutional framework. The student has denied of tweeting the alleged ‘tweet’ that is being spread in his name,” the statement said.

The students said that they have talked to the concerned student and have not found anything objectionable.

“It appears that some elements are hell bent on defaming the Kashmir community at Aligarh Muslim University. The concerned student named Basim Hilal by the news portals studies Mathematics at AMU and is one of the bright students at the campus,” said the statement.

The statement said by defaming a student of high academic credentials is regrettable and it amounts to jeopardizing his career.

“We want to communicate the people across the spectrum that Kashmiri students at Aligarh Muslim University are focused on their academics and no attempts should be made to falsely implicate us or to threaten us,” the statement said.

The students in a statement said no attempts should be made to instill fear among the Kashmiri students across India and we should be allowed a democratic space to present our point of view in a reasonable manner. We don’t want to live under fear, and we want an environment of peace to exist and spread.”


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