DSC_1101                        Shepherds enjoying the hubble in the saffron fields of pampore.

DSC_4741           Women walking towards their fields on the onset of spring.

Shepherd                    Shepherd standing in the fields.

DSC_6153                 Glowing view of the saffron fields before dusk.

IMG_0874                   Sunset at Dal lake

IMG_8508                 Kid lying on the road parapets.

SRS_6790                       Potter

SRS_8226ff                 Women walking through a village in shopain during winters.

SRS_8651              Man carrying his herd through a village during winters.

SRS_9011cc            A man riding a horse cart or tanga, in a village in pulwama.


Photographs by Sajad Rafeeq. He is an Engineer by profession and  is a freelance photojournalist.



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