PDP convinced both NDA and UPA: Mufti

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Reiterating his resolve to carry forward the mission of ending State’s political and economic despair, patron of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Tuesday, said that his party has a pragmatic roadmap for the resolution of Kashmir problem by involving all stakeholders including India, Pakistan and people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“We will take our agenda to the all parts of the country to convince the countermen to accept PDP’s practical roadmap for restoring lasting peace in Jammu and Kashmir”, Mufti said while addressing a function organised in connection with the foundation day of the party in Jammu. He said that PDP’s roadmap was the viable, credible and pragmatic solution for addressing internal and external dimensions of Kashmir problem.

Mufti reminded the gathering that PDP’s peace and reconciliatory policies were appreciated and endorsed by the successive governments at New Delhi.

“PDP has shown in the past that it can facilitate the resolution process with prudence, and it is ready to shoulder the responsibility of taking the process to its logical conclusion” he asserted and reminded the people that it was all due to the efforts of PDP that residents of border areas were living peaceful life.

“In 2002 we had only 16 members but still we had pursued the peace process with determination and commitment and established peace in this region. “It was all due to the credibility of the PDP that previous NDA regime headed by Atal Behari Vajpayee and present UPA government led by Dr Manmohan Singh had whole heartedly supported whatever initiatives taken by us for restoring peace in this region”, he said while recalling the historic rally of the then Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee at Srinagar on  April18, 2003 when he had extended hands of friendship towards Pakistan at the time when tension was running high on borders.

While quoting the Common Minimum Programme (CMP) which was formed after PDP-Congress had entered into alliance in 2002, Mufti said that his party never compromised its pro-peace agenda for the power. “The goal of the coalition government is to heal the physical, psychological and emotional wounds inflicted by the fourteen years of militancy, to restore the rule of law in Jammu and Kashmir, to request the Government of India to initiate and hold sincere and serious, wide ranging consultations and dialogue, without conditions with the members of the legislature and other segments of public opinion in all the three regions of the State, to evolve a broad based consensus on restoration of peace”, he said while quoting first objective of the CMP formed after 2002 elections. “Whatever steps we had suggested for restoration of peace were incorporated in the CMP”, he said and added that PDP through its visionary policies even changed mindset of BJP leaders. “The then Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani had hold dialogue with Hurriyat Conference leaders during our regime”, he recalled.

Sayeed said while power is no consideration for PDP, but governance is a serious issue. “PDP led coalition regime had set an example of good governance by establishing accountability and transparency in the system”, he said and PDP-Congress coalition regime had revived peoples’ faith in the democratic institutions. “Removing regional imbalance and creating atmosphere for initiating peace process was the remarkable achievement of PDP led coalition”, he observed.


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