Authorities Deny Bright Future To A Son For His Father’s Past Association

KL Report


Authorities in Jammu and Kashmir have barred a Kashmiri student to join America based multinational company by not issuing passport in his favour citing that, “your father was an active supporter of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front during Nineties.”

Mehraj-ul-Asrar Bhawani son of Bashir Ahmed from Dooru Shahabad Islamabad who presently resides in Burzulla area of Srinagar told CNS that there are thousands of such cases in Kashmir where people particularly educated youth are being denied passport on the grounds better known to everyone.

“I myself completed B.Tech in Information Technology from NIT Hazratbal Srinagar. It was my good luck and hard work that i was selected in one of the top US multinational Software Company ‘Aricent’ as Software Engineer. I had applied for the passport in May 2012 but when I visited the CID for my clearance they said that passport would not be issued in my favour as my father was a member of JKLF from 1990 to 1999,” he said.

“I presented many applications to IG CID for my clearance but still my file isn’t being cleared. I don’t know why the government is starting projects like Udaan for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir while thousands of educated youth are being denied passports, depriving them from securing good job outside country,” Asrar said.

He said that he desperately needs passport to join the company. “All my pleas and requests are being turned down by Authorities. I fail to understand if my father was affiliated with JKLF, what is the fault of mine and why the government is reluctant to issue passport in my favour,” Mehraj-ul-Asrar said adding that he appeals to Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to look into the matter.


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