Liyaqat Reaches Home After Two Decades

KL Report


Liyaqat shah who was described by Delhi Police as a militant, reached home on Sunday after a long period of 20 years. Emotional scenes were witnessed in the Dardpora village of North Kashmir district of Kupwara.

The scene in the village was jubilant as well as emotional when liyaqat’s mother and friends rushed to hug him with joy. His mother was not able to express herself in words as the movement was unbelievable for her.

Talking to the reporters liyaqat’s mother said, “I had left all the hopes of seeing my son again when he was arrested by Delhi police. But by the grace of all mighty my son is beside me.”

Meanwhile liyaqat shah claimed that Delhi Police Special Cell (DPSC) tried to kill him in a fake encounter when he was in his custody.

“DPSC dragged me out from the custody and forced me to board in a specially designed police vehicle. They kicked me hard and hid me under the seat. Few officers including Inspector Sanjay Dutt, Inspector Rahul and Dharmindar sat over me. It was about 11:30 of the night and they drove me to unknown place and stopped their vehicle. They loaded their guns and I was sure that they will kill me in a fake encounter,”  Said Liyaquat while talking to KNS.

“National Investigating Agency (NIA) played a fair role and exposed the drama enacted by DPSC. I am very fortunate that I am meeting my family members”. He added.

Liyaqat said, “DPSC wanted to kill me on the eve of Holi.” Shah was all praise for NIA. “This agency played a positive role and I am satisfied the way it has brought the reality to fore. I don’t know why DPSC did all this and implicated me in false case. I was unarmed when I reached Gorukhpor while Delhi Police falsely claimed that arms and ammunitions were recovered from me,” he said adding that it was NIA which came to his rescue and exposed DPSC.

“I am thankful to Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, Haq khan, Engineer Rashid, who helped me to come out of the dread full situation and made my return possible,” he said.

Liyaqat was arrested on March 20 by the special cell of Delhi Police while crossing the Indo-Nepal border In Gorakhpur with his family.

Delhi Police, which arrested him soon after he had crossed the border, had alleged that Liyaqat was involved in the conspiracy to carry out terror attacks on vital installations in the capital.


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