LMD Udhampur recovers Rs 34700 as fine


 A team of the officers of Legal Metrology Department conducted extensive checking of various trading premises on the National Highway in Udhampur, Gari, Battal Walia, Dhar Road Udhampur, Manwal, Battal,  Udhampur Town and adjoining areas

During the inspection, more than 65 traders of different business establishments especially dealing with food, Beverages, Sweets and Kiryana items, Pansari, Veg. sellers , Welding Shops, Petrol pumps,  and Inner Wears  were thoroughly inspected for their Compliance with regards to various provisions of J&K Standard of Weights and Measures Enforcement Act 2011(Amended) and  Legal Metrology  Packages Commodities rules.

Six challans were booked under various provisions of J&K Weights and Measures Enforcement Act 2011 and Legal Metrology Packages Commodities rules 2011 and penalty of Rs 34700.00 was also imposed on the erring traders

Besides this, the department directed all the traders to use only verified weights and measures for business transactions and ensure the mandatory declarations of MRP, PKD, Net Contents and complete address and Customer care Number on the Commodities to be sold in package Form.

The Department has also warned the unscrupulous traders who are indulging in the unfair trade practices to cheat the innocent Consumers to desist away from such practices and also appealed to the consumers to remain vigilant while purchasing the commodities.


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