LoC tension: Hamirpur villagers compelled to leave everything behind

KL Report


Heavy exchange of firing on the Line of Control (LoC) between Indian and Pakistani troopers has wreaked havoc in lives of the people living around the LoC from both the sides.

The people living in Hamirpur, village in Mendhar sector near LoC feel their lives endangered and in a jeopardized state.

India alleged that Pakistan continued to fire at Mendhar and Hamirpur battalions at 9:45 pm on Friday. The Indian Army retaliated to Pakistan’s attack with the villages bearing the brunt of heavy firing from both the sides.

Though, there was no immediate report of any casualties, the cross firing between the two sides has affected the lives of the villagers in Hamirpur.

Sources said that the Hamirpur, village is surrounded by the army posts. Both the sides are using launchers and motor shells against each other, and the Pakistani motors always fell in the village.

Fear their lives, sources said that the people are leaving behind their belongings in the village and going away.

One of the villagers, Aarif Mohammad, has been reported as complaining that they were suffering huge losses due to the cross firing incidents between Infdia and Pakistan. They are unable to continue with their farming and the kids have been locked in their homes. The schools had to be shut down and transportation is hampered.

The villagers have been quoted in the reports as saying that they had experienced such tense situations back in 2001-02.

Another villager Gulzar Ahmed, reportedly expressed dissatisfaction and annoyance about the state of affairs along the LoC. He complained saying that the people felt themselves like prisoners. ‘‘On one side we have Pakistan and the other side is restricted with barbed wires. There is nothing left for us,’’ Gulzar said.

The whole area receives firing from both ends and quite often the launchers fired at the Indian Army fall in the village causing serious damage. Almost every house in the village has the visible damage signs of rifle grenades, rocket launchers, and motor shells.


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