Loss of lives always unfortunate: Er Rasheed


Urging India and Pakistan to show dynamism and give up the violence at borders and within J&K, Engineer Rasheed has reiterated that every violent incident yields nothing except the loss of lives.

While interacting with various deputations in Srinagar on Sunday, Rasheed asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rise to the occasion rather getting trapped in the blame game.

Engineer Rasheed

He said that while political leadership has failed to understand the necessity of a political resolution, “just playing with the sentiment of people and giving attack on army camp in Sunjwan Jammu a communal color speaks volumes about the lust of power among politicians.”

Rasheed condemned speaker Kavindeer Gupta’s statement in which he tried to attack Rohangies and Bangladeshi refugees by suspecting their hand in the attack. “One has a right to ask Mr. Gupta that if none of the security agencies had raised any finger towards Rohangy refugees or someone else how could Mr. Gupta know anything. It seems that he and other likeminded people had already made up their mind against refugees and used the incident to fulfill their intentions, which is unacceptable”.

He also lashed out at NC leadership for continuing with its politics of double standards and exploitation. He said “While one member from the party raised pro-Pakistan slogan in assembly, it took Farooq Abdullah and others just a few seconds to distance themselves from what its member spoke in assembly. Farooq Abdullah directly attacked Pakistan for sending militants and even threatened a war. It has been the tradition that first, someone from NC or PDP says something that touches hearts of people and then others distance off themselves from the statement thus trying to keep all relevant quarters happy, which is worst kind of exploitation”.

Rasheed added that one has every reason to blame New Delhi for keeping the game of death and destruction on for the reason that everything lies with New Delhi and it always blames Kashmiris, Pakistan and everyone else except itself. “Loss of lives is always unfortunate and no words, homage or compensation heals the wounds of the family. Not only the soldiers but the militants and the common masses have been forced to a situation where they have become the fuel of an unending war and if Narender Modi shows statesmanship he is full of potential to change the discourse from desperation to hope in the entire sub-continent. If Mr. Modi tries to play his role for resolution of the Plastinenian issue, he must first concentrate to stop the bloodshed in J&K and resolve the dispute forever”. Er. Rasheed added.


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