Main stream parties diluting Kashmir issue: Er Rasheed


Reacting to ongoing phenomenon of changing loyalties from one party to another, AIP President Er Rasheed has said that regional mainstream parties have disappointed people of J&K.

In a statement issued today, Rasheed said it is horrible to see that those who have been partners in every crime, nepotism, corruption, and diluting Kashmir cause are trying to prove each other guilty.

He said the entire mainstream has nothing to celebrate except strengthening New Delhi’s viewpoint on Kashmir. From 1996 till date whosoever has been in power has pushed people to the wall, given false hopes.

Rather introspecting and trying to get closer to the genuine sentiments of masses, unfortunately, a huge section of mainstream parties have been operating like underground Dons and are shamelessly engaged in hatching conspiracies against each other and every one of them trying to be in good books of New Delhi. Time and again mainstream politicians and parties have failed to convert opportunities into a goal on all fronts, the spokesman said.

“While New Delhi is engineering fragmentation in Kashmir politics, the political parties seem to have forgotten the days when Kashmiris would raise slogans in broad daylight that the mainstream leaders should not be allowed even to be buried in their ancestral graveyard when they die for acting like collaborators. Had mainstream parties used their guts they could have played a big role in helping not only India and Pakistan to resolve Kashmir dispute but would have earned huge respect in New Delhi and Islamabad but unfortunately most of them have compromised even their conscience and used miseries of masses to raise their fortunes,” the spokesman quoted Rasheed as saying.

While reacting to Mehbooba Mufti’s concerns about Jammu Muslims especially Gujars and Bakarwals  Rasheed asked Mehboba not to forget the Himalayan fact that she and her government had a key role in dis-empowering and dislodging the said community, only to ensure the unholy marriage between PPDP and BJP doesn’t get affected.


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