Malik leads protest rally, arrested

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Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Yasin Malik along with along with his associates were arrested at Amira Kadal on Friday, while leading a protest rally towards Lal Chowk over the issuance of Domicile certificates to West Pakistani refugees.

JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yaseen Malik

Yasin offered Friday prayers at Dargah Gousia Saraibala and “led thousands of people towards Lal Chowk against the conspiratorial plots to harm state subject law imposed in Jammu Kashmir,” according to a party statement.

The protesters were raising anti-India and pro-freedom slogans.

However, the march was foiled at Amira Kadal and Malik along with few others associates were arrested.

“Kashmiris will not shy away from spilling even their blood to safeguard their state subject law, demography and Muslim majority character of Jammu Kashmir,” the party statement said. He said that, “anyone planning to harm or weaken our state subject law will face a tough resistance from us as no Kashmiri can ever tolerate it silently.”

Malik, as per statement, termed the issuing of domicile certificates to West Pakistan Refugees as part of the conspiracy to change the demography of Jammu Kashmir.

He said that state subject law is not in place only in Jammu Kashmir but at every place that has forests, water bodies and glaciers in abundance, the statement quotes, this law is to make sure that increase in population do not alter or damage the ecological balance of the forest lands and Jammu and Kashmir being a forest land has this law in place from a long time.

The statement adds, JKLF chairman said that because of the disputed nature of Jammu Kashmir, this land is being particularly targeted by the Indian state and its Kashmiri stooges and conspiracies to change its demography.

Terming the recent orders to issue domicile certificates to West Pakistan refugees as part of this conspiracy, JKLF chairman said, as per statement, that PDP led regime has started showing its true colours by starting the process of eroding the state subject law of Jammu Kashmir and changing Muslim majority into a minority.

Someday Indian Supreme Court negates the already diluted quasi-sovereignty character of Jammu Kashmir, the statement by party quoted Malik saying, and says that Jammu Kashmir has no vestige of sovereignty outside the constitution of India.



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