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Initiating the discussion in the state legislative assembly on the Afzal Gur’s hanging and its implications, PDP president Mehbooba Mufti said that the people of J&K were not expecting that Guru will be hanged owing to change in attitude of New-Delhi since last 8 to 10 years.

“NC owns an explanation as to how Guru became the symbol of terrorism. In 2001 it was NC government and Ikhwani and Task Force culture was at its climax,” she said. Adding that the CM was knowing about the rejection of mercy petition of Afzal, but he did not intervene.

“Why Guru was selected for execution from serial 28,” Mehbooba asked.

“The clemency resolution in the J&K assembly was scuttled through match fixing between BJP and NC last year,” Mehbooba alleged.

She called the hanging of Afazl “hasty and superficial”. She said that denial of last rites to the family and not returning the mortal remains to the family is a big human rights violation.

“Why Ghalib was denied last meeting with his father. Was CM not duty bound both as a father and as custodian of the state to arrange a last meeting of the family with Guru,” asked Mehbooba.

“There were News reports that CM advised Delhi to hang Guru in Chilai-kalan.” Said Mehbooba. She added that CM is sabotaging the demand for return of Guru’s mortal remains by adding Maqbool Bhat in it.

Earlier LA met after adjournment and the speaker announced the start of the discussion on the adjournment motions moved by PDP, NC and tarigami, a couple of days ago.


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