House Adjourned, Mehbooba Calls It ‘A Fixed Match’

KL Report


Speaker Mubarak Gul had to adjourn the house as the MLA’s belonging to Bhartia Janta Party and Panthers party opposed the adjournment motion about Afzal Gutru’s hanging and its implications to be discussed in the house. Amid chaos and noise PDP president Mehbooba Mufti called it a “fixed match” between NC and BJP.

As the house started on Monday, the BJP and Panthers party members stood up and started shouting slogans against the adjournment motions. The motions were tabled by NC, PDP and Tarigami, couple of days ago to discuss the matters regarding the hanging of parliament attack convict Afzal Guru.

Amidst total chaos in the house, Panthers and BJP members raised the issue of Handwara firing incident in which two police men were shot dead. They cried that they will not allow any discussion about Afzal Guru in the house. Meanwhile PDP members too stood up and demanded immediate start of the discussion. They also condemned the death of a student in Hyderabad.

When PDP president Mehbooba Mufti was pressing for the discussion on the motion, the NC and Congress members were silent but the BJP and Panthers members continuously raised slogans. When nothing was audible in the house, the speaker adjourned the proceedings. As the speaker announced the adjournment of the house, Mehbooba called it a “fixed match” between NC and BJP.



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