Mehbooba promoting relatives at the expense of meritorious youth: NC


National Conference Monday hit out at PDP for promoting family rule in the state and accused Mehbooba Mufti and her family members of auctioning government jobs in the state.

Accusing PDP of promoting family rule and allowing nepotism to flourish in the state, NC Provincial Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said, “What can be more serious when PDP workers themselves question Muftis brazen actions? This is a new low for this government where party members have openly questioned the undue interference and promotion of Mehbooba Muftis relatives in different government institutions and have come to blows over distribution of backdoor appointments. This, to say the least, has exposed PDPs hollow slogans of youth empowerment and raises big question mark over governments intention of promoting merit in the state.”

“Ever since PDP-BJP government came to power, Mufti clan under the tutelage of incumbent CM Mehbooba Mufti has made every effort to scuttle government appointments in their favour. Yesterdays incident at PDPs Anantnag office is a testimony to this fact,” Imran said adding, “This government has already lost the mandate to govern the people. Mehbooba Muftis only rationale to stay in power is to promote her family in every government, semi government and autonomous organizations in the state.”

National Conference in its statement made references to the clashes between PDP workers at its Anantnag office that resulted in injury to some workers over “pick and choose of party locals for adjustment in government posts”. “It’s now more clear than ever when PDPs own workers have blown the trumpet,” Imran said.

PDPs nepotism, National Conference said, was brewing unprecedented alienation among youth who feel backstabbed and are resorting to extreme steps to end this injustice. “It’s a murder of merit and is igniting youth to rebel against anything remotely associated with this government.”

Demanding an impartial probe into backdoor appointments from an independent organization, Imran said, “State Accountability Commission should take suo moto cognizance of the allegations at Anantnag and bring the facts to light.”


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