‘Militancy Product of Media Hype’, says Army Commander



General Officer Commanding 15 Chinar Corps Monday said that the situation in Kashmir is under control and it is no way alarming.

Talking to reporters in Srinagar on the side lines of a function, Lieutenant General Sabrata Saha said that due to media hype, once gets impression that situation in Kashmir is alarming and more and more youth are joining militancy. “It is not the case. Stop looking through the prism of media and social media networks. The ground situation is totally different. Situation is totally under control,” Saha said.

Saha, according to CNS, said that whatever reports about the youth joining militancy coming through “media should not be taken in such a way” as one will feel that situation is getting out of control. “Media hype is one of the causes that everyone has started believing that more and more youth have been joining militancy. That is not the case. Situation is stable and under control,” he said.

Responding to a question, Saha said, “there is a situation (but) largely it is quite stable. But because of certain amount of media magnification that is taking place, and what is emerging on the social media, a notion is getting created… It is getting hyped much beyond what it is actually,” he said adding that the militancy-related violence in south Kashmir is down contrary to media perceptions.

“If you see it from the point of view of any parameters like incidents related to terrorism, kinds of loses that happen, strictly speaking in terms of (those) parameters, all the indicators are down,” he said.

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