Militants striving to ‘liberate’ Kashmir: Dr Farooq

Srinagar: National Conference Patron and former Chief Minister, Dr Farooq Abdullah was on Friday aghast over the situation in the state and said that those picking up guns are not striving for chair but “laying sacrifices for freedom.”

He said this while addressing a party function at Nawa-e-Subh complex, here in Srinagar.

Talking about the increase in local militancy, he said they want to ‘liberate their land’.

“If sacrifices are being laid (by youth), it is not that they want to become MLAs, MPs or ministers. They are laying sacrifice so that we get our right,” he said, “This is our land and we are its owners and you are not.”

We should not forget, everyone love his life, no one wants to die. But they have promised God their lives for their land.

He held India and Pakistan responsible for the situation that is prevalent in Kashmir and said promises made with us have remained unfulfilled.

Farooq said both India and Pakistan do not care for the people of Kashmir.

“We are not anyone’s enemies,” he said, this battle started in 31 and the promises made with us have not been fulfilled.

Warning the government about the new generation, whom he termed fearless, he said, “They have no fear of guns and they have left to achieve freedom of their country.”

Farooq also said that ways are to be explored to handle the situation saying that “bullets responded with bullets will not solve the situation.”



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