Minor Mauled by Dogs Critical, Admitted in SKIMS ICU



A minor who was brutally mauled by canines in North Kashmir’s Baramulla is said to be critical. The picture of the mauled face of the boy was trending on social networking sites questioning the state of affairs in valley.

The boy is undergoing treatment in SKIMS.

Speaking to Kashmir Life, MS SKIMS, Dr Farooq A Jan, said, “the boy was admitted here on Tuesday and is critical since his skull was badly injured; he has multiple injuries.”

Canines have unleashed terror across valley and the Baramulla minor is the latest victim. In Srinagar, SMC too had applied some methods to stop the number of dogs from growing, however, it apparently is not working.

The boy is being administrated medicines in SKIMS’ Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Giving details, Dr Jan said, “the boy has multiple facial full thickness laceration (cuts), avulsed nose, exposed maxillary sinus and nasal bone, loss of both lower eyelids and left upper eye lid, fractured lower jawbone, maxillary sinus fracture, nasal bone fracture, loss of tissue over whole of face and occipital region besides fracture in elbow.”


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