Miraculous escape for Pampore family after banned Russian poplar falls on house


A windstorm on Sunday night caused extensive damage to a residential house in Laterbal area of Pampore town.

According to the family, due to strong winds on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday, a huge Russian poplar tree fell on the residential of Ghulam Qadir Ahanger, in Laterbal area of Pampore town, causing a crack in the slab and damage to a room.

A view of Ahanger’s damaged house

“We have many Russian popular trees around our house, despite repeated requested to the concerned Tehsildar our pleas have fallen on deaf ears,” said a family member.

The family has approached Tehsildar’s office a number of times since last one-and-half year but “they don’t even care to look at my documents,” the family member said adding that “they even lost our documents earlier which made us wait longer to get our documents arranged again.”

A cracked slab

“It was a very chaotic situation and caused severe inconvenience to the family. Everyone was present in his house when the mishap occurred and luckily no one got hurt,” she said.

When contacted Tehsildar Pampore Ali Mohammad Najar said that he has passed on the documents to Deputy Commissioner, and once the approval to cut the trees next to the residential house is given, we will remove them immediately.

“The family will also get compensation after they finish all the paperwork,” he said.


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