Mirwaiz details Aiyar led delegation about Kashmir Situation


Hurriyat Conference chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Thursday met a five member civil society delegation of Centre for Peace and progress led by veteran congressman Mani Shankar Aiyer including O P Shah, Kapil Kak, Vinod Sharma and ID Khajuria at his Nigeen residence.

According to a statement, Mirwaiz  told the delegation that it was good to know that in the din of hateful outbursts and aggression against the people of Kashmir that has become the norm in power circles of New Delhi and is propagated through most of its viscous electronic media to poison the minds of Indians and mislead them regarding the Kashmir dispute the genesis of the problem and the actual condition of the people in Kashmir and what they want ,there were  those who held the rights of human being and their causes based on universally accepted principals above so called “nationalism” and wanted to reach out.

“The situation of Kashmir is one of extreme oppression. The valley has been turned into a garrison of military paramilitary and police force where the civilians are held hostage by them and at are at their mercy, as they enjoy complete immunity  from prosecution by law. All kinds of restrictions bans gags and curbs are in place to give no space to people to express their aspirations or protest their condition and the repression against them. Killing blinding, maiming, torture, arrests and detention are the order of the day. The situation is so frustrating that even young students are hitting the roads each day to resist occupation .He said the recent incident of using a Kashmiri youth as a human shield by an army officer and his honoring by the authorities clearly defines the GOI s perspective regarding Kashmir and how to deal with it,” Mirwaiz told the delegation.

Kashmir’s head priest said that despite facing such oppression, people have made up their mind that they will not yield and will continue to demand their just full and basic right to self-determination, guaranteed by Indian leadership before the world.  “By resorting to military might, Delhi and its local collaborators can’t crush the popular sentiment which lives deep in the heart and mind of every Kashmiri irrespective of age or religion.  Hurriyat believes that  an alternative way to resolve the dispute was through negotiations between India Pakistan and the people of Kashmir to the satisfaction of all but primarily keeping in view the aspirations and will of the people of Kashmir who are greatly sacrificing and suffering,” Mirwaiz told the delegation according to the statement.

Stressing that escalation of tension in the region between India and Pakistan was primarily because of the lingering dispute in Kashmir which has long posed a grave threat to peace not just in the sub-continent but for the entire South Asia region and the world at large.

Miwaiz said because of the Kashmir dispute India and Pakistan are once again face to face at LoC and clouds of war are looming large on the borders.

He said it is high time the two nuclear powers realized their confrontational approach will not lead them anywhere except to destruction and instead start a sustained dialogue process for peaceful resolution of issues.

Mirwaiz asked the delegation that they should shoulder the responsibility and inform the civil society of India and the people of India about the actual situation of Kashmir, the oppression unleashed here and help counter the lies and misinformation being spread about Kashmir.


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