Mirwaiz says govt missionary indulging in “violence and immoral acts against people”

KL Report


Expressing concern over the rapidly degrading moral values in the society, APHC (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Saturday said that when the people placed at responsible positions in the government system and social order indulge in acts of moral turpitude it becomes all the more difficult for a campaign of social reform to bear fruit, a party statement said.

Demanding a transparent inquiry into the incident, Mirwaiz stated that the social reform campaign has become more challenging because the government missionary which is supposed to protect the society from criminal and inhuman activities was “itself indulging in violence and immoral acts against the people epically the weaker and vulnerable sections like women”.

“It is unfortunate and disturbing that officials of government departments are found indulging in acts of immoral behaviour with their female sub-ordinates,” he said while terming the recent media reports about the molestation of a nurse by the head of Health department and other officers as an extreme case of moral bankruptcy and a cause of serious concern.

“People feel extremely disgusted after learning about this incident, in which all moral and human values were transgressed,” he said.

“It was unfortunate that the police and administration instead of arresting and punishing the guilty involved in such acts were actually protecting them and providing them security, Mirwaiz said, adding that earlier a Cabinet Minister was found involved in assaulting the chastity of a woman doctor of Health Department and now the Director of the Department is alleged to have molested a nurse of the department.

Mirwaiz stated that thousands of Kashmiri women were working in government departments and such incidents have rendered them vulnerable regarding the safety and security of their dignity and honour, the statement said.


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