Mistaken as braid choppers, locals help in rescue of six foreign tourists


With the help from locals, police rescues foreign tourists mistaken as braid choppers in Srinagar on Sunday.

Police said that a group of six tourists were travelling from Leh to Srinagar when they lost way around 2am in Rainawari area of Srinagar after locals mistook them as braid-choppers.

The official said that the group after taking of Google Map navigation application entered a link that showed a shortcut to Lal Chowk.

“On reaching Kanikachi Lati Mohalla, the vehicle was stopped by a group of locals who on spotting foreigners in the vehicle started hues and cries which caused a large gathering of people on spot turning into an unruly mob,” said the official.

However, some locals started rescuing the holed up group and called the police, he said.

“With great efforts of police and reasonable public, whole group was rescued. Tourists were taken to a local hotel and were lodged there comfortably by the police and early in the morning were seen off to their next destination.”

Hair of several young girls and women in many parts of the Valley has been mysteriously found chopped during the past month.

These girls and women have told their families and police that unknown persons cut their hair after knocking them unconscious with some spray.

The police have formed Special Investigation Teams to probe the incidents. However, so far the police and the authorities have been clueless.

The police have announced a reward of Rs six lakh for credible information leading to arrest of any person behind braid chopping incidents.


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