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Scores of residents of Mushtaq Colony Hyderpora Wednesday staged protest against the callous approach of elected representatives. The residents said that till date they fail to know in which constituency their Colony falls.

“Both MLA Amirakadal and MLA Budgam blatantly refused to acknowledge their colony as a part of their Constituencies as a result people living in Zaid Bin Haris Lane of Mushtaq Colony suffer heavily,” the protestors said claiming that last time it was MLA Amirakadal who was seen busy in canvassing in the area.

“There are bad roads and no electricity. When we sought the intervention of MLA Amirakadal, he categorically told us that the Colony does not fall in his Amirakadal Constituency. We got same reply from MLA Budgam after visiting his residence,” one of the residents told CNS.

MLA Amirakadal did not respond to repeated phone calls.

Protestors appealed Election Commission to come up with a notification so that they would be able to know about their constituency.


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