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Financial Commissioner Revenue Arun Kumar Wednesday said that those aspirants who smell foul in the selection list of Revenue official Examinations should know that PatwarTest was conducted by Board of Professional Entrance Examination (BOPEE). “We are ready for re-evaluation of examination papers but one thing I want to make it clear that it is the baby of BOPEE,” Kumar told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that aspirants have right to re-evaluate their examination papers.

Meanwhile, scores of aspirants who had appeared in Revenue Official Examination staged a protest in Press Enclave Srinagar. The aspirants while smelling foul alleged that most of the Urdu knowing aspirants from Kashmir province have been shown in ‘failed category’ which is not possible.

“In Kulgam town alone out of 93 aspirants, 61 candidates have been shown failed. The failed students are qualified ones possessing the Ph D, M Phil degrees in Urdu,” one of the aspirant said.

Another aspirant said that they fail to understand how most of the Kashmiri students have been shown failed in Urdu subject. “There is a Urdu paper called ‘Bandobast’ which is of Matric standard level. Kashmiri students who are Urdu knowing have been shown failed in this paper while aspirants from Udhampur and Jammu have passed this paper. It is surprising and we demand through probe into the matter,” Shakeel Ahmed told reporters in Press Enclave Srinagar.

The aspirants said that Service Selection Recruitment Board (SSRB) always conducted Patwar test but the Cabinet Decision in this regard permitted BOPEE to conduct this test.

“The Patwar test of 1500 aspirants (700 Jammu and 800 from Kashmir and Ladakh) was conducted by BOPEE. The aspirants were trained in Revenue College Jammu and Bemina in Sriangar. After 9 months training their examination was conducted in which more than 400 aspirants especially from Kashmir allegedly failed,” one of the aspirants told CNS.

The aspirants alleged that academic records of most of the successful candidates are below par which needs to be checked.

When contacted, Financial Commissioner Revenue Arun Kumar said that it was BOPEE that conducted these Patwar test. “We are ready for re-evaluation of examination papers as it is the right of the aspirants,” he said.

Pertinently, Crime Branch has seized question papers for Patwar test held last year from the residence of former BOPEE Chairman Mushtaq Peer during raids last week. The selection of the Patwaris conducted by the BOPEE is already under cloud and islikely to be brought within the ambit of the Crime Branch investigation.


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