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Accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of damaging Federal character of India, National Conference Friday said that during his one day visit to Kashmir, Modi left no stone unturned in giving an impression that present government in Jammu and Kashmir is incapable and have failed to deliver on the ground.

“What Modi wanted to convey when he said that assistance for rebuilding houses could be given directly to the bank accounts to beneficiaries. It was disgusting to hear from Modi that during his interactions with different groups, a suggestion came up that affected people should be given help directly. If it is so, then what is the role of elected government in the State,” National Conference Additional General Secretary Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal told CNS adding that Modi is hell-bent to create unitary system in India.

“I am telling you with authority that under his (Modi’s) command the federal character of Indian constitution will receive a serious jolt,” he said adding that Modi insulted State Government.

Kamal said that Modi completely disappointed the people of Kashmir.

“His visit to Kashmir was a big disappointment. His visit aimed at to rub the salt on wounds of flood affected people. It would have been better, if he would have not visited Kashmir on the eve of Diwali,” he said.

National Conference legislator said that Central Government is casting doubt on the integrity and credibility of the State Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

“This has not surprised me or my party as every government in New Delhi never trusted any government here,” he said adding that he fails to understand what verification Modi wants to do in flood hit areas.

The State Government has sent a proposal of Rs 44,000 crore only after assessing the losses incurred by people in Kashmir Valley. By saying that Central government is doing verification in this regards tentamounts to breach of trust,” Kamal said.

He alleged that People’s Democratic Party is misleading Narendra Modi and the leaders of this party don’t want New Delhi to approve financial package in favour of the state government.

“Some ‘selfish’ elements in PDP have given Modi an impression that Central assistance will not reach to the flood hit people which is absolutely untrue as the State Government has already provided major chunk of relief to these affected people,” he said.


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