MTI Discusses Conversion Issues,Desist Tourists From Wearing Revealing Clothes


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Patron of Jammu Kashmir Majlis-e-Tahfuz-e-Iman (MTI) and Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Thursday convened an extraordinary meeting of the Majlis to discuss the wide range of issues pertaining to the Islamic faith in Kashmir.

The meeting was convened at the noted Islamic seminary of Kashmir at Dar-ul-Uloom Rahmiya Bandipore. During the meeting which continued for four hours, the participants discussed the issue of conversions threadbare. They discussed the mysterious activities of missionaries, granting them prolonged visa under the guise of tourists, and ‘nefarious designs of top notch officers in the state machinery who are safeguarding and supporting their (missionary) activities ignoring the religious sensibilities of the masses.’

The participants also discussed the growing immoral activities and the role of agencies in dividing the society on the sectarian lines. Apart from Mirwaiz the meeting was attended by Nazim Dar-ul-Uloom Rahmiya, Rehmatulla Mir, Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith General Secretary Abdul Rehman Bhat, Jamaat-e-Islami, Advocate Zahid Ali, Head of Anjuman-e-Himayaut-ul- Islam, Moulana Showket Hussain keng, Islamic Study CircleAbdullah Sheikh, Nazim  Dar-ul-Uloom Bilaliya, Mufti Abdul Rashid, S R Shamas of Anjman-e-Nusratul Islam  and other representatives of religious bodies.

While addressing the gathering, Mirwaiz said that the protection of the faith was the prime and sacred responsibility of Muslims while as all other human activities precedes this responsibility. He said faith concerns with the Muslim existence and thus there would be no compromise or carelessness shown in this regard.

While praising the efforts of Majlis-e-Tahfuz-e-Iman, Mirwaiz stressed the Majlis should be strengthened on the grass root level and more efforts are needed for religious awakening of the people.

During the meeting, the participants spoke in length the issues facing the Muslims and presented strategies which would be practically implemented on the ground. The meeting resolved that Majlis would convene a seminar and invite religious scholars, thinkers and intellectuals including other representatives of the society to enlighten the people about the issues and challenges facing the society.

The Majlis also prepared a memorandum addressed to government and state administration. It contained several reservations of the participants which were raised during the previous meeting.

Welcoming the foreign tourists to Kashmir, the participants resolved that they should take care of cultural and religious sensibilities of Kashmiris. They were stressed upon to desist from wearing revealing clothes which promotes a shameless and immoral culture.


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