Political Rivalry Behind Attacks On Panchayat Members: AJKPC

KL Report


Terming the intentions of state government malicious about empowerment of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), All Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat Conference (AJKPC) Thursday said it would not allow the ‘nefarious designs’ of government to succeed.

“Government wants that all Panchayat members should resign. It (Government) is using various tactics to weaken the institutions. Killing of panches and sarpunches, appearances of threat posters, disrespect to panchayat members in government offices, and this all is backed by government”, alleged Chairman All Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat Conference (AJKPC), Shafiq Mir.

Claiming that political rivalry was the reason for the attacks on panchayat members, he said, “Some political parties seem to be behind all this just to take an advantage in the upcoming elections.”

Lashing out at the government for “maintaining silence” over the attacks, Mir said, “We fail to understand as to why the government is silent over the issue. The killings of panchayat members are mysterious as no militant outfit has claimed responsibility. The police have miserably failed in establishing the identity of those who were behind these attacks.”

“We put our lives in danger and stood up in elections after a gap of 30 years, but government, instead of providing security to us, is not even serious to investigate the killings of panchs and sarpanches whose deaths continue to remain shrouded in mystery,” Mir added.


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