Mufti brings AFSPA, now sheds crocodile tears to befool people: NC

KL Desk


Stating that party will push autonomy with full vigor and sincerity as its agenda for peaceful, dignified and realistic solution of the Kashmir problem, National Conference (NC) on Monday accused Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) of deceiving people and accused the party of invoking AFSPA in the state.

“While the PDP’s self-rule fizz is over, the height of deceiving people can be seen from the fact that the person talking about AFSPA revocation, is the same person who was the brain child behind it implementation”

This was stated by party spokesman Tannvir Sadiq in a meeting with youth workers at party headquarters in Srinagar.
Terming autonomy as the only viable solution, Tanvir said, “autonomy as accepted on June 26th 2000 is a constitutionally guaranteed document stamped and passed by the two third majority of state legislature making it state government’s one and the only viable solution to the vexed issue and not a mere slogan.”

“There have been instances where people in Delhi have offered anything short of Azadi to the separatist but when Omar Abdullah with a democratically elected government talks about the same, it gets bogged down in red tape by vested interest. They are the same people who gave birth to a party in the state to incite regional sentiments, hoodwink people with false slogans, and try to weaken Autonomy”, Tanvir added.

Lashing out at the opposition Tanvir said “PDP is a party made overnight to erode the sovereignty and identity of the state. One can easily notice that none of their (PDP) leaders talk about Self-rule anymore, PDP’s self rule fizz is over, and they have even forgotten their illusionary document completely”

Stating that AFSPA is their creation and people are being punished by the decision taken by their leader Tanvir said “Mufti Sahib brings AFSPA and now sheds crocodile tears to befool people”

The spokesman said everybody knows how and who rigged the election. He said people are aware and understands how a party within a span of 3 years got 16 seats while as their patron had never won even a Mohalla election earlier.

Tanvir said “PDP and their leaders lost because of their track record, because they always worked against the interest of the people of Kashmir, they installed Jagmohan as the governor to start an era of bloodshed” adding “The day is not far when people will consign them to the dustbin of history”


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