Mufti Calls for Reviving his ‘Healing Touch’ Policy

KL Report


Justifying the public outrage over the killing of two innocent youth at Chattergam, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Wednesday urged the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure that the repeated pledges on curbing human rights violations in Kashmir are strictly adhered to and no individual is allowed to go against these assurances.

Addressing a public meeting in Handwara assembly segment, Mufti said the killing of innocents can’t by justified by any means and such tragic incidents have the potential of reversing the peace and normalization efforts. “Unfortunately, almost similar circumstances had led to eruption of turmoil in Kashmir in early nineties,” he said and added that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have suffered immensely because of more than two decades long dark era of death and destruction and they don’t want a similar ominous situation to be enforced on them again.

Mufti  said although no measure on earth can heal the deep wounds of such dastardly acts, in the prevailing dismal situation, tangible action at the highest level in the country could to some extent restore the hurt psyche of the people and salvage their bruised dignity. “The Prime Minister must ensure to reinforce the resolve of his predecessors to work through peaceful means and through public participation towards restoration of peace in the State,” he said and added that the measures like reduction in the number of troops and revocation of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) have become more than imperative, as these could be the fundamental inputs to the lasting peace in the State.

Mufti said the Government of India must, without any further delay, reach-out and engage all sections of the society including the separatist leaders in a productive dialogue process to resolve the issues. “Unless these steps are taken, the space for reconciliation will squeeze further in Kashmir and desperation levels will increase as nothing seems to work on behalf of the people here, not even completely non-violent, peaceful and democratic means,” he said.

Calling for reverting back to the ‘Healing Touch Policy’ that was put in place by the PDP-led government in 2002, Sayeed said PDP during its tenure in the Government had not only created a sense of security among the people but also restored dignity of the common masses by pioneering and implementing peace and reconciliation policies.

Sayeed said whether in or outside the government, PDP has stood by the people of the State and never compromised on their interests. He said, right from its inception, the party has been advocating the cause of the people with unflinching consistency. “The most daring challenge for the PDP, after winning the 2002 election, was to be with our people, show solidarity with them and give them the much-needed sense of security that someone was there to defend them,” he said and added that after assuming power, PDP, unlike others, not only stuck to its pro-people agenda but pursued the same to the hilt.

He said in post-2002 era, PDP had transformed the political discourse in J&K by piloting successfully and with conviction the crucial issues concerning the State and its people. “Unfortunately, the massive effort that had gone into creating a new atmosphere of peace, reconciliation and resolution in and around J&K seems at the real risk of going waste,” he said and added that the PDP-led Coalition Government had adopted a multi-pronged strategy to seek redressel of the security, political, economic and developmental concerns of the State.


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