National Conference Friday while condemning the series of grenade attacks in Srinagar said the inability of the Mufti Sayeed Government to provide security to the bread-earners of thousands of families was tragic and had become a trait of the PDP-BJP dispensation. NC Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi said the Government had shown no seriousness to find out who the perpetrators of such attacks were and had risked the livelihoods of thousands of youth in the State.

“The PDP-BJP unholy nexus seems to be hell-bent to take J&K in general and Kashmir in particular back to the Stone Age. When these attacks took place in North Kashmir, the PDP-BJP Government repeatedly assured the youth involved with the telecom sector that the Police and Administration would nab the perpetrators. Despite such hollow assurances, the sham investigation never yielded any results and the casual approach of the Government has now clearly resulted in this pattern spreading into the State’s capital. This is an extremely alarming and worrisome situation,” NC Chief Spokesperson said in a statement.

The NC Chief Spokesperson said the young and educated youth of the State had been cornered into a precarious situation where their future was now threatened. “The previous government had worked very hard to succeed with its goal of reconciliation and peace and the dividends of peace stand threatened today. The youth of the State find their livelihoods threatened and with that the future of their families and dependents is also at stake.”

“Hollow, customary statements and routine condemnations from the Chief Minister adds insult to injury when in fact the State Government has no intention to protect and safeguard the lives and interests of civilians,” the NC Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi added.


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