Mufti, Opposition Make Speaker Revoke Suspension Order



Informal allies NC and Congress do not think in unison, at least for the on-going brief Autumn session of the assembly. Unlike NC that has boycotted the rest of the session, the Congress ensured it stays put in the house. Even independent lawmakers are not following NC.

Hakim Yasin, Yousuf Tarigami and Engineer Rashid are also part of the proceedings.

As the house resumed, Hakim and Tarigami sought suspension of the routine business to discuss joblessness issue. They also sought immediate revocation of the order suspending two NC lawmakers. Tarigami said revocation of the order was important for the “battle if ideas” that Mufti Sayeed has been talking about. It is a brief session so that opposition returns to the house.

Congress lawmakers Usman Majid appreciated the Speaker for being different from the last two days and being cool to suggestions. He requested Speaker Kavinder Gupta to revoke the suspension order so that issues confronting the state are discussed. Almost same request was made by another congress man Aijaz Khan.

Intervening the debate, Chief Minister Mufti M Sayeed said the opposition has a role to “oppose, depose and expose”. Though appreciating the action if Speaker for his action, he suggested that revocation of the suspension order be ordered. He said opposition concerns would be responded. He reiterated that democracy as the “battle if ideas”.

Acceding to demand, speaker revoked the suspension of two NC lawmakers: Altaf Kaloo and Ab Majid Bhat (Larmi).

Interestingly, however, as Majid wanted to react a particular reference of chief minister who, while talking about him, said – earlier lives were lost. But he was disallowed triggering a shirt if pandemonium. A former government gunmen turned lawmaker, Usman Majid, said, “This reference is about past needs to be responded.”

Engineer Rashid feeling completely dejected for not being allowed to talk actually jumped to the well of the house.

Meanwhile, NC is holding a Sit-In outside state legislative complex.


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