Mufti proves PDP an extension of Congress: Rashid

KL Report


President, Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Er Rashid has said that PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Syeed’s ‘revelation’ that Congress is a natural ally of PDP is nothing new but an ‘authentication of the stand of those who claim that PDP is an extension of Congress.’

While addressing public meetings at Jahama and Teerna in Handwara on Tuesday, Rashid said, “By calling Congress as its natural ally Mufti Sahib has just endorsed the stand that PDP has been created by New Delhi just to find an alternate route for Congress to rule the state, as Kashmiris have always kept a reasonable distance from the national level parties because of the fact that these parties especially Congress are responsible for creating the dispute called ‘Jammu and Kashmir’. None other than Mufti Sahib knows better that how difficult it is to persuade Kashmiri’s to propagate the ideology of Congress in J&K as he himself has never been elected by the Kashmiri people whenever he or any of his colleagues contested on Congress ticket. Now when elections are near and PDP like NC feels that it has miserably and completely failed to address the regional aspirations of Kashmiri people, out of frustration the party is itself revealing the bitter truth that PDP is natural ally of Congress”.

Rashid added and said, “Obliviously Mufti Sahab has admitted that what so ever good or damn things Congress has done vis-a-vis Kashmir, PDP by one way or the other is a part and party to that. As such PDP has owned the responsibility of killing of Afzal Guru by Congress for its vested political interests, continuation of AFSPA, illegal detention of Kashmiris in different jails, custodial killings and torcher of Kashmiri youth, molestations done by the security agencies under the patronage of Central government and all other damn things done by the center.”

He said that the petty power politics played by NC and PDP for a coalition with Congress in 2014, has exposed both these regional parties and has also hurt the sentiments of Kashmiri masses.

“NC and PDP seem to have entered into a dirty race of having an unholy marriage with the Congress, without taking into the consideration that how it will affect Kashmiris, whom they claim to represent. Let us ask both NC and PDP that if their ideologies and road maps are so appropriate for the resolution of Kashmir issue then why have these parties surrendered their guns without firing a single bullet to achieve the target,” Rashid said. He added “It also proves that they have lost faith in Kashmiri people and are not sure that Kashmiris will vote for them.”


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