Mufti Sayeed changed discourse to balm the wounds of people: Madni


Blaming the opposition National Conference for the political uncertainty in the State, PDP senior leader Sartaj Madni on Wednesday said the historical blunders and compromises for the sake of power by the leadership of the Party has led the people to misery.

Addressing a convention of Party workers in Ganderbal, Madni accused the opposition parties of playing with the sentiments of people by raking up controversies which are the direct fall out of the mishandling of the political situations by these parties in the past.

He said the unceremonious burial of the public sentiment in the State by the Kashmir accord of 1975 and muzzling of voices of dissent during the elections of 1987 led to a sense of restlessness among people which resulted into the eruption of militancy in 90 and people are yet to forget the scars of the same.

He said late Mufti Sayeed developed an alternative narrative in the State and provide balm to the wounds of people with the launch of PDP and subsequently the government led by him in 2002 succeeded to a large extent in that. He said it was for the first time that the discourse in the State got changed to an extent that some of the monumental confidence building measures were taken to assuage the feeling of the people.

Criticising the Congress Party for their stand, Madni said the Party has itself been an accused in inflicting injuries on the people of the State. He wondered what were these leaders looking upto during their recent visit to Srinagar when they themselves threw the report of interlocutors into the dustbin of history.

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