Mufti Sayeed directly involved in 1600 CroreMarhama Land Scam: NC

KL Report


National Conference Wednesday said that PDP Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed was directly involved in the 1600 Crore Marhama Land Scam and that illegal negotiations between the parties were held at Mufti Sayeed’s residence and attested on his directives by Senior PDP Leader and Mufti Sayeed’s Brother-in-Law, Sartaj Madni.

Stating that this was perhaps one of the biggest scams of its nature in the history of J&K, NC Spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu said that there is irrefutable proof with National Conference that PDP’s patron Mufti Sayeed as well as senior PDP leaders are directly involved in this scandal. “We have clear, precise and irrefutable evidence in our possession and our leader and MLC from Bijbehara, Dr. Bashir Ahmed Veeri has shared the same with the Crime Branch yesterday. We demand that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s role be thoroughly probed in this expose’ and that the law should take its toll without any considerations and inhibitions,” the NC Spokesman said.

NC MLC Dr. Bashir Ahmed Veeri has said that the PDP-led and patronized commercial group had not only misled the Hon’ble High Court on this scam but had also pushed for the due legal process to be by-passed both in the Revenue as well as the Legal Departments. “We have copies of all correspondences that have taken place to shield the accused as well as facilitate the transfer of the wetland to the colonizers. In their submissions to the Revenue Department and the Hon’ble Principal Sessions Judge, the PDP-led group states that they want to fill the land for agricultural purposes. However, in their submission to the Hon’ble High Court, the same group changes its stand and states that they want to construct FCI godowns on the said land and the said land has been mortgaged for a bank loan with J&K Bank. This is the first clear proof of this scandal and exposes those who are clearly involved in aiding and abetting it,” Dr. Veeri said.

Dr. Veeri further said that the Forest Remote Sensing Department as well as the Revenue Department has clearly authenticated that the said land was a wetland and was submerged in water. “Hence according to the Land Revenue Act of 1939 (Section 133 – B), such land is explicitly barred from any sort of conversion. And establishing godowns on a wetland clearly amounts to conversion. Also, the villagers of Marhama, through a long-time close aide of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed have been forced to sign Gift-deeds in favor of the PDP-group that plans to colonize the wetland illegally – kickbacks from which are allegedly going to go directly to Mufti Mohammad Sayeed. How can completely unrelated people sign gift-deeds in favor of a party that by its own admission aims to exploit the land commercially through FCI godowns?”, Dr. Veeri asked.

Mattu said that the party would leave no stone unturned to expose PDP in this scam and will ask for the highest investigative authorities to probe Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s involvement in this 1600 crore land scam.


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