Mufti should know powers of Chief Minister: Swami

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Swami Agnivesh
Swami Agnivesh

Advising Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed to take control of the situation and stop it from getting escalated, renowned Hindu scholar Swami Agnivesh Saturday said that Kashmiri’s have been facing worst kind of state terrorism and they are being treated as cattle without having any value for life and respect.

“Whatever is happening in Kashmir is wrong and off the beam. People are not allowed to protest peacefully and their voice is being muzzled. It speaks a lot and I am myself witness to this fact now that State Terrorism is prevalent here,” Agnivesh told CNS adding that one can’t rule over the hearts of people by force and repression.

“I am choked and surprised what is happening in Kashmir. Why you are not allowing mourners to visit the bereaved family. This is injustice and forces you to believe that Kashmir is facing terrorism from the government and they must raise voice against it,” he added.

Responding to a question, Swami Agnivesh said that people voted for Mufti with a hope that he will deliver and put an end to all kinds of repression and state terrorism. Its not end for Mufti, he has time to prove himself and it is necessary for him to tackle the situation himself without getting influenced by anyone (New Delhi). He is the Chief Minister and he should know the powers of a Chief Minister. He should not take dictation from New Delhi and as Chief Minister he should know what is good and what is bad for his state,” Agnivesh said adding that truth will prevail and a day will come when human rights violations will come to an end in Kashmir.


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