Syed Ali Geelani
Syed Ali Geelani

Sharp reacting to the statement of CM Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in which he asked Indian Muslims to remain united against the evil forces and defeat terrorism, Chairperson All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani Monday said that “Mufti Sayeed should introspect himself that which forces is he supporting and what are his deeds in Jammu & Kashmir”.

Interacting with a delegation from Jammu, Geelani said, “the Kashmiri nation is facing a worst kind of state terrorism of India from last many decades and Mufti Sayeed like people are playing a lead role in the sufferings and miseries of the people of Jammu & Kashmir. India is sponsor of the state terrorism in Kashmir and Mufti like people are local handlers of Indian crimes against the humanity.”

A Hurriyat (g) statement while quoting Geelani said, “it looks very absurd and awkward that a person who had spent all his life advocating and supporting the barbarism and atrocities of Indian armed forces in Kashmir, talks about the unity of Muslims and defeating terrorism. How can a person lecture on terrorism who is actively involved in worst kind of state terrorism in Kashmir and who is suppressing the peaceful and genuine voices of the people there.”

While commenting over the “Muslim unity” statement of CM Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in Chennai, octogenarian Hurriyat leader said, “the terrorist attacks in France are highly condemnable and the perpetrators of the Paris attacks are of course the worst enemies of Islam but the Islamic lectures from the mouth of a person like Mufti Sayeed reflects their paradoxical character because Mufti Sayeed has launched a major crusade against the Islam and Islamic culture in Jammu & Kashmir state. He is the person who supported communal and fascist forces against Islam and terms liquor as a major source of income for government. He is the person who has played a pivotal role in the elimination of Islamic and Muslim character of the state and is using brutal force in silencing the pro-freedom and Islamic voices in Kashmir.”

“Mufti Sayeed has banned the pro-freedom people in Kashmir from performing their important religious obligations like the Friday and Eid congregational prayers. He is imprisoning the Kashmiri people in jails and in their own houses for years together. The Chennai lecture of Mufti Sayeed is a cover-up of his crimes and his anti-Muslim character,” Geelani alleged.

Terming the statement of Mufti Sayeed in which he had said that “Indian Muslims has proven the Two Nation theory wrong” as “ridiculous”, Geelani added, “everybody in India is realizing today that remaining with India was not a right decision and even the secular and moderate Hindus too are not feeling safe in this country. Mufti Sayeed is a RSS man and he has no problem with this fascist and fanatic way of governance so he is duty bound to praise this system. Mufti Sayeed talked about peace and humanity some 1500 km away from that place where he is ruling the people with the help of 8.5 lakh foreign forces, where he is using bullets, pellet guns and other lethal weapons against the peaceful protesters, where he is imprisoning people particularly youths for years together just on the name of preventive custody, where he is considered as a loyal worker of the communal and fascist forces.”

He further said, “it is very easy to talk like that from such a distance but it is very difficult to be like that.”


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