Mufti Visits Islamabad, Releases Funds For Developmental Works

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed  Thursday visited many areas of South Kashmir’s  Islamabad constituency which he represents in the constituent Assembly. He met a large number of people and discussed with them various problems facing the area and also appraised him about the working of the party in the constituency.

During his visit Mufti announced grants out of his CDF for different  development works including 1000000 for  development of Schichen as model village. Mufti also visited Rehmati Alam Trust Hospital which is under construction. He discussed with the management the plans for construction which aims at building a 300 bedded hospital.

Mufti said the projects launched by the previous government need to be carried forward to improve the level of amenities to the people of Islamabad town and rest of the south Kashmir of which it is the main commercial and administrative centre. He said the town needs to be decongested to ensure free flow of traffic and cater to increased rush of general public and tourists. He said the road passing through the town from Khanabal to Janglath Mandi and onwards will be widened on the pattern of Khanabal Pahalgam road and the areas around it beatified.

Mufti said the scenic spots of the town should be developed for providing recreational facilities to locals nd make the town tourist friendly. He said the Sherbagh and its surroundings including the spring and other springs like Malakhnag should be developed in accordance with a proper plan and their preservation ensured. He said there was a tremendous scope for development of Fatehgarh heights into appropriate tourist facility. The area could be connected through a rope way between Fatehgarh and Ranibagh park.

Referring to the need for upgrading educational facilities in the area Mufti during his visit to the south campus and degree colleges said his government had opened the south campus of Kashmir University to provide higher education facilities to the students locally. He said the idea was to basically introduce subjects that would increase the employability of students, but that has not been achieved.

Expressing hope that the completion of the national highway upgradation which was initiated in 2003 by then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee would reduce the congestion around Khanabal and rest of the area, Mufti said there was a need to accelerate its execution. He said after the completion of the highway project if there was need for further decongestion in Khanabal area through construction of flyovers that also needs to be incorporated in the development vision for the town.


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