Municipal Polls: Hurriyat (M) denounces “fresh military operation”


Hurriyat Conference (M) on Thursday strongly denouncing the “fresh military operation” ahead of the municipal polls commencing from October 8.

The spokesman of the amalgam in a statement said that under the grab of elections nocturnal raids are being conducted at the residences of resistance leaders, and those arrested areas slapped with PSA’s and lodged outside Kashmir, termed it as highly undemocratic and totally unjustified.

The spokesman said fresh arrest spree has also been launched across the length and breadth of south Kashmir aimed at to instill fear and terror among the population.

“Whenever election was enacted in Kashmir, it brought endless miseries and pain for the people in the form of sudden frisking operations, cordons, and the trouble of every sort, youth were arrested and lodged in police stations, massive crackdown was launched on the resistance leaders and huge deployment of forces was made to thrust the polls on people who have already rejected this exercise,” the spokesman said in a statement.

The Hurriyat (M) spokesman said despite the fact two main regional political parties distanced themselves from the polls after understanding its futility and even though the entire state has been turned into a military fortress and the way “reign of terror” has been unleashed across the State stands as an eye opener for the world community.

He said any sort polls are meaningless in J&K till the basic and core issue of Kashmir dispute is addressed as per the wishes and aspirations of people by giving them their birthright, the right to self-determination.

“Kashmir is a dispute and world community especially the United Nations has accepted this reality and now staging election drama is the only move to dilute the basic nature of the dispute in a bid to befool the world body,” the spokesman said.

He in a statement said that the main motive behind these polls is to give an impression to the world community that all was well in Kashmir while as the fact remains polls are imposed on people under the ‘barrel of a gun’.

“These measures can’t change the basic nature of the dispute and that resistance leadership can’t be forced into submission by building ultimate pressure on them,” said Hurriyat (M) spokesman in a statement.



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